My emails proved unreliable. I, therefore, made this page to allow posting comments instead. I need no secrecy. What is important is that you can see here (and check later again) that your message is delivered. You don’t need to put your email or name in the comments box, but only if you wish to. I will check this page about once a week.

2 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hi – I help with the Canadians for Accountability website. We’re all volunteers, so things rarely happen quickly. I noticed that you left a comment on one of our posts about your case. The website isn’t the ideal way to approach us, however, and at present we don’t often provide links to the websites of individuals (fact-checking would be required first, in any event). If you would like to speak to someone, a phone number is provided on our site. Alternately, you could contact us by email at Your website here explains some details abut your case, but we would need to know what you think we can do to help. Keep in mind that we are volunteers and our resources very limited.


  2. Thank you, Ian!

    I believe your organisation should pay very serious attention to the operation of Canadian science administration, first – to the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC), (see I quote:
    “If you were going to be a fraudulent scientist or plagiarist, or you want to steal grant money, Canada is an excellent place to live,” said Amir Attaran, a professor in the faculties of law and medicine at the University of Ottawa.”
    NSERC is lying about “privacy laws”. NSERC is routinely covering up fraud in science. Their role is to control research integrity in universities, but they are in collusion with university administration (bribes or politics or both, I don’t know).

    The problem is that neither NSERC, nor universities are accountable to the public (see, very important, my letter at
    My recent comment is at

    NSERC and the university administration are operating in total secrecy. But, moreover, the investigations of allegations of fraud in science are conducted by persons who have nothing to do with science. The chief investigator responsible for the control of decisions on research integrity in universities, and the only investigator in all of Canada and in all branches of science is Susan Zimmerman who is not a scientist. Her NSERC Secretariat on Research Integrity has six members none of whom is a scientist. NSERC is a totally corrupt governmental agency.

    I believe your organisation must make a call for the PUBLIC INQUIRY on your web site. This is not just my case, although in my case there are all the documents sufficient for laying criminal charges. Alone, I can do nothing.


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