In 1981 I began PhD research at the University of Toronto. I walked into a trap: after five years, I was removed from the university and the credit for my work and my discoveries was stolen by the professor supervisor, Ellen Larsen (Ellen Rapport), and three other people. I received no degree. For years then, I kept writing letters to the officials and they kept covering up the fraud. It became the largest fraud ever perpetrated in a university.

As my PhD supervisor, Ellen Larsen knew that my research had a very high scientific value, but she wanted to steal it. With this purpose, she made a fraudulent academic decision terminating my PhD program, preventing me from writing the thesis, declaring me a “lapsed student” and removing me from the University. As soon as I left, she started stealing my research. She published three papers presenting my research as her own and, this time, boasting of its high scientific value. Incredibly, when at one point she was caught and had to withdraw one of the papers from publication, she still published it later.

Ellen Larsen used to publish infantile demagogy as scientific papers. A top journal that published my two papers, declined hers. Understanding her own nothingness and suffocating from the growing envy and hatred, she stole my research. She then used political corruption in the science administration in Canada to stay out of jail.

To save this professor from jail and to save her falsified academic credit for scientific discoveries Canada closed all doors for me. In the next 30 years I had no job, my family was destroyed by the disastrous circumstances. Beginning from my first complaint to the Department of Zoology in 1987, higher and higher officials, from the Department to the government and the law enforcement were concealing the fraud despite absolutely clear evidence of it in the documents written by Larsen herself. Official answers to my complaints were given to me in one sentence. The University of Toronto had soon crossed the line separating a university from an organized crime. All professors of the Department were silenced. Campus press was ordered to keep silence. The governmental officials were lying to me openly, completely unconcerned about consequences. Unable to change the facts in the documents, but determined to save Larsen from jail, the university and the government had falsified, perverted and abolished the law.

In 2018, the concealment of fraud is continuing with the letter from the President of the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC), B. Mario Pinto. This is now administrative banditism. On February 22, 2018, I sent to the Minister of Science my letter giving the evidence of the NSERC fraud. I still have no answer. I now start a Petition to the Minister asking her to answer my complaint. See the next page here.


I started the site “University of Toronto Fraud” on February 6, 2001. I continued adding new documents and explanations to the site, but the order of events was lost. I now make this new site, changing the order of presentation, removing repeating parts of the text and making some points clearer. I now will concentrate on the main documents. This story is unique because it shows such documents that are rarely, if ever, publicly available. The old site can be seen here.

 The monstrous and unprecedented fraud was conducted with confidence that reporting it in the media will be precluded, and the complete blackout exists to this day.

Michael Pyshnov

 I have also another site dealing with fraud in science and the degradation of society in general: